Frank SWW – The boring English lesson

Max opened the door praying it won’t make sound, then gently placed his bag onto his chair and went of to wash his hands, with his head down trying not to be notice. A few minutes later he came back as quietly as he could, went to sit on his chair and glared at the board wondering what to do.
” Why were you so late,” said Mrs. Green.
“My bike tire went flat on my bike and sorry if I interrupted,” he whispered.

Several moments later, Frank shoved the door open, knocked Fred’s bottle over, onto his laptop and slumped onto his chair. With Mrs. Green glaring at him in the middle of the English lesson. “What are we doing Mrs. Green,” Frank bellowed, with a faint sneer on his face, as he thought of his next move.
“Why were you so late Frank?” Mrs. Green murmured.
“Oh I was social distancing at the bus stop,” he exclaimed.
Then Mrs. Green turned and picked her chalk, shaking her head.

Frank pretended to listen, as Max drank in every thought from his brain, also trying to keep up with the lesson. Frank glared at the board, looking for anything else to except the boring old English lesson. Ignoring every word, he thought of his next plan, as he picked his nails nervously.

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