Good and Bad people – Ava Jay – SWW

Mila quietly opened the door and tip toed to her place. She carefully put her bag on her chair and went over to go and wash her hands. She came back in after a minute and she tried not to be noticed. She listened to the rest of what Mr. Brown was saying and she had thought what she had to do. The teacher had finished talking about barvember and the difficulties of it. When he came round to Mila, she eagerly grabbed the worksheet and quickly figured out on how to do it. Noah slid the doors open with a bang and interrupted the maths lesson. He dropped his bag on the floor and went to go and wash his hands flicking water on the mirrors and wiping his hands on someone’s jacket. He got back and sat down and put his feet on the back of someone’s chair. He listened to what Mr. Brown was saying about barvember and then he was being sarcastic about the fact that he liked it. When Mr. Brown came to give Noah a worksheet, he snatched it of him and the teacher walked of to his desk. Mr. Brown looked at Noah and then went back to doing his work. When the teacher looked away, Noah had a big smirk on his face planning what to do. He rushed his work so he could think of a plan. Mila in the back was doing her barvember quickly and quietly while Noah was whispering on what he was going to do. Mila heard everything he said and drank in all the words.

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