Mr Jake & the Rude Teacher

As the children came in, Mr Jake instantly sat down, pretending he didn’t do anything. Everyone came in silently. “Well done everyone,” Mr Jake said. Then a rude teacher came in the classroom for no reason.”What on earth are you doing Mr Jake?” the rude teacher asked angrily. “I was just teaching everybody,” Mr Jake replied. “No no your’e NOT supposed to do that!” the rude teacher screamed. “Your’e fired!” Mr Jake shouted. “Never do that!” They both started fighting and the rude teacher ran away. It was very late due to the rude teacher. “Sorry everyone,” Mr Jake apologised. The children got angry because it was already time for break. Then, Mr Jake had to go to the Headteacher’s office. “Why were you late to teach?” she asked. “Erm, the rude teacher was rude to me. So, I fired him.”Right,” the headteacher said. “That’s okay. But you have to do the maths AND literacy lesson after break so you won’t get in trouble okay?” “Right,” Mr Jake agreed. So, Mr Jake started doing the 2 lessons and he did.

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