School Behaviour

One day, a young girl named Millie was walking to school when she realised that she was going to be late. Millie brought up the pace and was eventually running. When she got to her classroom door she knocked, she then exclaimed, “Sorry I’m late Miss Kelly,” adding a warming smile at the end. Miss Kelly was asking the class a ton of questions about WWI and because hardly anyone knew the answers Millie was answering them, so that everyone would forget about her being late.

A couple of minutes later, Maisie burst open the classroom door and yelled, “Morning everyone!” everyone stared at her, as she had interrupted a very important test. She stomped to her desk and told everyone to stand up and get out the classroom. Luckily, everyone totally ignored her and she slumped into her chair. She screamed in pain as she kicked the table, everyone laughed at her.

Maisie aggressively pulled her book out her bag and her bulging pencil case. She sat back and and pulled an angry face at Miss Kelly. Millie frowned and asked Maisie if she was ok. Maisie stuck her tongue out at Millie when she turned her back and punched the air in anger. Miss Kelly had been talking about verbs for the past half an hour and they were both extremely bored. Millie and Maisie pretend to listen but instead they were doodling on some spare paper they had.

By Shreeya

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