The shadow

Sean, was walking down the scruffy pathway kicking big ricks along the way. Sean was following the path until it came to a stop at the forest. There was a sign to the left of the forest that read ‘WARNING: DO NOT ENTER THE FOREST AS YOU MAY NEVER RETURN!’ Although, Sean decided to read the sign on the right which read ‘ FEROCIOUS FOREST!’ Sean went down thinking it would be safe and oh boy was he wrong. He was following the path just as he had been and then as he turned round the corner he saw a man well not a man exactly but a shadow of a man. Sean screamed and ran back the other way. The terrified boy, ran as fast as a greyhound in hopes he would make it out alive but there was no exit no light, the forest became dimmer and dimmer and dimmer until it was pitch black.

His friend josh came the same way but he had after school club he was following the same path kicking the same rocks and found the same forest he read the warning sign and knew not to go in there even though he was extremely tempted until he heard a heart-stopping scream…

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