Lia’s Lazy School Day

Lia opened the door,slid into the classroom and sat down behind her friends.“Sorry I’m late,”she whispered under her mask while also looking at the floor.Mr Ollie talked on about conjunctions but Lia ignored him. She couldn’t forget her mum’s face as she left her house.

A moment later,it was lunch. Taylor ran out of her class,ran over to Lia and chucked her books in her locker.“Afternoon Lia,”she exclaimed as she rummaged through her locker.“I would’ve been here for break but I had to social distance on the bus,”she called while rolling her eyes.

Taylor searched through her locker,sat on the floor with her note book and drew a picture.Lia ignored her and just eat her lunch.Taylor stopped doodling and just stared at Lia;Lia looked back and smiled lightly.


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