Summers late for tutoring

Summer opened the door, slipped into the library and sat down next to Daisy.”Sorry I’m late for tutoring our teacher wouldn’t let us go because so many people were chatting.” She mentioned looking embarrassing as everyone was staring at her. Mr Berry was kind so he understood.

Not that long after, Daisy got out her seat and moved to the back of the room dragging her half open bag along with her as she did not like summer at all.Daisy was quite naughty while on the other hand Summer was an excellent student ( although she wasn’t the smartest person in the tutor group ).Mr Berry explained simplifying fractions , Summer was trying very hard to concentrate but so many thoughts were running through her mind.

Daisy grabbed a notebook and pencil out of her bag and pretended to write down notes about what Mr Berry was saying about simplifying fractions. Summer couldn’t hear what Mr Berry was saying as she replayed the events at school this morning. Daisy gave her best impression of paying attention while actually planning her next prank;Rosie took in every word.

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