The light by Keira

As the rain splashed down on the hard as stone concrete, Mr Clark parked up his ruby red car and the breaks had an ear piercing screech. He buttoned up his buffed jacket and quickly grabbed his lunch from the passenger seat. Then he shut his door and locked his car. What is that he thought to himself. His heart began to sink. His curiosity forced him to go and check it out. He saw a orange fiery light. The closer he got the more it shined. At one point it got that bright it made him squint. All of the sudden he heard a roaring scream. 

The teacher froze he had never been as scared in his life. What should he do where should he go. Mr Clark slowly crept to the big oak tree trying to be quiet. Accidentally he stood on a twig and the leafs crunched. Oh no he thought they are going to hear me.

Suddenly the light no longer shone, it was pitch black he couldn’t see a thing. Then he remembered he had his iPhone 11 in his pocket. he could use his flashlight on it to see. That was strange his phone died it was on 100 Percent when he left. What was going on. He turned around to see a box he slowly opened it and his hand Shaked as he did. There it was the light the box must have shut with the raw breeze. 

It was to much for him he decided it was time to head back maybe if he got closer to the school the automatic lights would turn on. Then he found the crooked path he knew this was the one that lead from the gate to the school. He followed it and entered his year 6 classroom he decided to never go there again.

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