The loop forest by connor

Bob was wandering around not paying attention to anything, he thought he was going home from school but he must have made a wrong turn. When Bob snapped out of his daydream he realised that he stumbled into some gloomy forest, the forest was creepy and foggy, he started to see eyes and hear voices warning him to turn back but he didn’t remember coming here due to his daydream.

                                                 Bob was panicking and running around screaming “Where’s the exit,” after a while of running he came across a half broken tree. Terrified that the tree might fall on him, Bob examined the tree but he found nothing, as he turned around he saw some smooth wood and to his left he saw an axe head “Well that explains the broken tree,” he whispered to himself trying not to be loud.

                                               Bob used the rest of his energy exploring and it was worth it, because soon enough he found an exit sign, he followed the sign and found the exit right behind his house, he survived this spine-chilling experience… well at first, because when he walked into his house instead of going inside he was warped back to the entrance of the forest.

                                            Bob ran back to the sign he had previously found and it said ,there is no exit, so he ran to the entrance hoping to escape, but the entrance was closed off. He was stuck forever.

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