Am I dreaming…………Aisha

Charli was standing in the hospital listening to Halloween music on her phone.As Charli left the hospital she had a weird feeling as if someone was behind her.She looked behind her when she heard the sound of a twig cracking that strange feeling was still hung on her mind.A thick layer of fog was laid in front of her when she reached the cash and carry. ‘Hi I would like to buy some noodles,’Charli said.When Charli left the store, that was then she saw the hideous, distorted figure’s face.’Hi’,the distorted figure shouted in a croaky voice.’Hi,’Who are you?’Charli whispered in a frightened voice.’I Am Your Worst Nightmare!’she cackled.‘ Charli’s heart was beating faster than her running.Before Charli was about to run she had a eyelash in her eye she rubbed her eye and poof magic she was gone.’Am I dreaming?’Charli thought out loudly.

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