The grin in the dark

Hamid’s father told him to collect some boxes from the attic as they were moving. Hamid climbed up the ladder, gripping the metal, and grabbed the nearest box. Dust was splattered onto the cardboard and the cobwebs made an invisible bridge spreading across the attic. As Hamid strides across the room he stumbled across a large painting. Hamid had an eerie feeling that painting was watching him the whole time but then he found a passage. It was a narrow hallway with a furnished window. Hamid crept into the other end to the room and he unlocked the door.


Hamid’s hand felt numb and all he saw was complete darkness. Suddenly he saw a faint figure move across the room. His heart was pounding as hard as a drummer banging a drum. The lightning flashed for a short period of time revealing light and Hamid saw something sitting in the chair smiling at him.

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