Character description

As Jason ran outside, Douglas instantly pinned him against the wall. Jason squirmed trying to escape ,but it was no use Jason was stuck. Douglas pulled on Jason’s brown hair, “What are you going to do? Go cry to your mummy!”taunted Douglas. It wasn’t fare Jason thought to himself I’m smaller and weaker than him, even when Douglas had got suspended he comes back to school and carry’s on bullying me.

A few moments later, Steve strolled outside with the football while talking with his friends about last night’s mach. When he reached the pitch, he started playing football. Steve had an advantage over everyone else because he was a lot fitter and faster than any of them plus he was very tall, so when they were picking teams he was all ways the first to get picked.

As Steve ran to get the ball some thing caught his. Eye he saw Douglas bullying Jason, so he walked over to see what was going on Douglas had Jason pinned  against the wall. Steve then said “Hey Douglas, why don’t you pick on some as ugly as you are!”, Lala laughed.

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