Character Description by Mustafa TJS

Jack,who just starting year 7 ,came in with a smile and a cheerful attitude. He arrived at the door and rang the doorbell but no answer. So he tried again and again and again. He was slowly suspicious in why he wasn’t answering. Then the door just creeped open and the hinge came off. He had a pinch a fright, but he didn’t let that hold him back so he walked in. A noise came from upstairs right where his friend’s room was. He panicked and then charged upstairs.


To his surprise, it was just his friend-Josh- getting out of bed. But that was weird because it was 2:00PM. Why was he sleeping? Maybe he was just jab ping a nap before he start our day. The he realised something. His friend’s eyes were red but Josh had green eyes. Suddenly this was not his friend but a thief! He ran out of the house,raced across the street to his house. He locked the door and ran to the phone. He called the police and waited for them to pick up the phone. He heard a bang on the door and shaking with fear. 

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  1. Well done Mustafa I like your parenthesis in the very first sentence of your character description. I also like your questions, Great work!

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