classroom drama

Sam stomped into the classroom sat down and angrily exclaimed “sorry I’m late I missed the bus.” then bashed her bag down and frantically grabbed her pencils out of her bright blue bag.

A few seconds later Joe tripped into the classroom and said “sorry I’m late,I tripped in a big muddy puddle that’s why I’m so wet.” He put his bag down  and slipped then quickly sat on his chair.

Then Hanna slowly tiptoed into the room and closed the door silently and slipped into her seat took her bag off and whispered quietly “sorry I’m late.” and looked at her work trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

A moment later sue came into class with tears down her face. Looking down at the floor she said ” sorry I’m late I scrapped my knee and couldn’t get back up.” she slowly wobbled to her seat and put her bag down.

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