One dark evening Alex creeped through the door of an old abandoned cottage the door swung closed and all windows shattered and he found a couch waiting for him to sit down.he stepped forward into the kitchen while he snooped around he noticed the snow falling down.After he looked at the snow he looked at the skeleton sat at the table a shiver ran up his spine.He turned to run, as he did he bugged into a man wielding an axe the man grabbed him and dragged him to the shed next door he pushed him into it and closed the door he put a big lock on it Alex noticed the weather, it was a deep black sky with rain rushing down like a Black Friday sale he remembered the paper clip he had in his pocket he used it to open the lock and escape. As the shed door opened the figure holding an axe swung at him he dodged and started to run he made his way the highway he called a taxi he pick him up.

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