The creature

Ben walked down the stairs put his trainers on and ran out the door ready for his midnight jog. Ben was heading to the park when he could not resist himself but to look inside the bakery. Inside he saw cakes, donuts and other goody’s. Suddenly, just before Ben was about to leave he saw a monster like creature in the reflection and in panic turned around.To Ben surprise no creature was there and he kept on jogging.

Once Ben had reached the park he went to his favourite climbing tree and there it was a claw scratch mark.Ignoring all that had happened already Ben tried to reassure himself it was a cat who had made it and that monsters were not real. So on that conclusion he made his way home.

While he was walking down the street he saw something in the alleyway a claw.Then Ben saw legs and a head until all of creature had emerged out of the shadow. Ben never came home that night…..

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