Izzy ~The Old Field

Amy tiptoed down the stairs, dodging the second step incase it creaked. At the bottom, she paused listening if her parents awoke. The dog ,who was called Lilly and was a cockapoo, crept over begging to be let out.

Twenty minutes later, she entered gloomy wood .Tall trees covered her like a quilt, the sunlight could barely get to her. It wasn’t long before she could hear footsteps. The pond shined in the light. A few bumblebees buzzed bye.

Izzy sat under the tree and watched the bunnies bounce by. It was here that she had seen a wild horse. All morning, she had waited till in the end she fell asleep. She dreamt of unicorns and princesses.

Later, she woke. The sun shone in her eyes. A cold breeze shivered up her spine. A twig broke, leafs rustled and she could see something in the distance! What is it?

Cautiously, Izzy stared into the bushes. Two little bunnies jumped out of the bush!


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