The scariest night ever !!

The wind blew harder, the clouds grew thicker and the lightning struck brighter, as Maisie, Imogen, Lauren and Roxy played truth or dare. ‘Knock knock knock’ Maisie got up and started to go down the stairs Imogen, Lauren and Roxy followed. Shaking with fear, Maisie opened the door it was a black figure “He..ell.o” Imogen asked, the figure turned around it was their friend Rosie.

A few hours later, they decided to go to Maisie’s uncles house (his name was Dave). Not long after, they were sitting on Davies couch. Rosie nudged Lauren while pointing to the door it was locked ! Lauren nudged Imogen and showed her the locked door then Imogen nudged Maisie and Imogen showed Maisie the locked door. They all sprinted for the door as soon as Dave had gone into the kitchen. “Why leave so soon,” Dave said creepily his eyebrow slightly raised. They all turned around in fear …

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