Mila Frozen 3

The wind was restless. The warm bed that Elsa was sleeping in had turned cold. The tent flaps had been opened. This happened to all the tents in the forest. An ocean blue, light was flickering around. The night passed. Elsa had seen Gail (the wind spirit). Elsa saw it again, the odd thing, she saw the night before. It turned a flame red. Elsa, ran back to the tents.

The people weren’t there. She just thought that they went for a hike. The thing came. This time  she followed it. The thing led her deep into the forest, where she had never, never before been. Elsa started to shiver, her hands turned clammy, she started to sweat. Elsa reluctantly went deeper and deeper until it was pitch black. Her only light source was the thing. It had gone back to the blue colour it was before it had turned red. Elsa didn’t feel safe.

She tried to recap. She had just been led in and was now ice cold and it was dark. The spirit turned red and it was enraged. The red thing showed Elsa’s dead parents. Elsa lowered her guard. That was a mistake. It lashed, it thrashed, tree’s swayed restlessly, the wind howled and wolves were approaching. Elsa was right about the spirit, it was dangerous. She turned left and ran.

Elsa ran. She knew that she would be followed. She came to a dead-end. Elsa froze the thing. She crept to see it. Turns out that it was her spirit because she is the ice spirit,but,it was bewitched. She took it too the trolls to help it. The trolls made Elsa’s spirit good.

Elsa took her water horse to Arendell, as she came Anna (her sister) was waiting for her.
“I’ve been waiting so long.”Cried Anna in relief.
” I know. I’ve got so much to tell you!” Exclaimed  Elsa.
But in her head she thought, “ What if there are more bad spirits?”
In the corner of her eye something trembled……


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