Spells by Phoebe

It was coming.I squatted down inside a grim, dirty crate.Would it find me?I could feel my heart thumping, my teeth chattering and my throat was as dry as a desert. The strange book glanced at me in the fading light as I shut the box. I think it was trying to be reassuring. I thought of how mad Miss Taylor would be  if I were to be late.

The iron door slowly opened and in walked a vague shape  it howled. I shuddered and waited for it to go away. I saw a shimmering blue eye. I tried to remember what had brought me here. I thought about it.

It had only been two hours ago, when dad sent me to the shops with a big tenner.When I was coming home. I saw a shopping centre and couldn’t help but run into a big store with bunting all around me. Soon, I found a book and it looked stunning it had spells that I had heard.I quickly saw a  conveyor that led me outside.

When Miss Taylor went to say something interesting I muttered a spell and BOOM!!!

”I think it went wrong?”


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