Stealthily I was sneaking out the window but my dog stormed in to my room . He kept barking he woke my mum up. She stamped into my room she said to me you are grounded I said to my mum but the she said no buts she slammed the door I started crying I squeezed out the window landed on the porch jumped of and ran.

half an hour later I arrived at Dead man beach. There was sign and it said no trespassing , but I didn’t care I climbed over the fence. I was shocked there was golden sand and the water was fresh bright blue water and there were seagulls flapping their wings around It was here that I heard heavy footsteps and breathing. Then silence.
I in zipped the tent. The water was grey and the sand was black it looked like the black hole and there were bats flying around suddenly there was lighting I started ruining . There were shells everywhere. They kept poking me in the foot. It felt like I was getting stabbed in the foot.
I jumped back over the fence and ran back home When I opened the door my mum was sitting on the sofa and she said “where have you been ?”

I said, “I ran away.” she said “ How dare you! You are grounded,”  but I was kind of happy because I didn’t want anything bad happen to me …

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