Sea Caves

Sneakily, Mia crept out, glancing over her shoulder, ducking whenever her parents looked up.  She knew exactly where she was heading. Sea Caves, in Australia, was one of the biggest cave systems in the world. Her parents were busy in conversation, and didn’t notice her disappearance.

Racing across the beach to Sea Caves was beautiful. The sun was blazing down on her, and there was  not one cloud in the sky. The sea was shimmering, and the restaurant smiled down on her. Climbing into the cave entrance she marvelled at the stalactites and stalagmites. Leaning against a rock, Mia stretched her arms out and yawned, before she fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of the legendary mermaid of the cave. Mia had met it once before, and hoped to see it again.

Shuddering, she awoke. With a gasp she realised her danger. Water had been seeping in while she was asleep, and now it was knee-high, meanwhile more water was gushing in. The sun had disappeared, and thunder rumbled, and lightning crashed. If it struck the water once, she would probably be dead. Suddenly, a cackle arose from behind her, and a sharp claw scraped right through the stone. Mia bolted for the entrance, all the while the cackle getting louder and louder, until it turned into a roar. The cave entrance rose bigger and loomed over her, but her trouser snagged on a rock. The claw whistled by her ear, but with a gasp, and a struggle, she dashed out of the cave, and the creature slunk back into hiding. She had made it!

Thundering across the beach, she rapped on the door and stumbled into the restaurant.

“Where have you been?” her parents asked. “We only just noticed you were gone!”




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