The Shed

Skylark waited impatiently until the right time, the witching hour! 5 minutes to go. Then she could be sure her parents would be asleep-for that matter everyone would be asleep. Thunder crashed outside. It wasn’t a convenient night but she knew she had to do this. Skylark tiptoed out of her bedroom, creeped down the stairs and made sure to skip the creepy step. The front door creaked open. She could feel the freezing cold inclosing her in an invisible mist. She stopped but all she could here was her own heartbeat-the coast is clear. She stepped out and in an instant she regretted it. Later Skylark was at the place, the shed…
She waited again. Then she saw it!  A long claw prodded her shoulder! She bolted faster than the speed of light. The vines were stopping her. She got out. It stopped….

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