The bedevilled graveyard

Jason casually walked home with his best mate Jordan.As they passed the graveyard, they saw a flash. The clouds had eaten the sun and then the rain came lashing down. Jason shoved his hood up and ran.5 minutes later he looked back but to his surprise Jordan was gone. He scanned his surroundings  looking for Jordan. His fears were ticking around in his head.He quickly turned around and briskly rushed back to see if he could find Jordan.When he arrived he clambered over the old rusty gates, he landed with a thump.3 hours later he cautiously looked at his watch. 6.00 pm his watch read.He pondered with himself wether he should go back, he came to a conclusion that he should head back.

The next day (Saturday)he set his alarm for 6.00 am. He got changed then faintly opened the door and crept stealthily to the stairs. He new the 5 th step was creaky so he missed it. When he arrived at the bottom of the stairs he froze and stared around to see if anyone was up. The he made his move, dashing out the door Jason jumped on his carreo 299 and raced to the graveyard.He got there with in 3 minutes and then started the search where he left of from the day before. After 2 hours he heard a rustle then to his relief Jordan poked his head out. He looked like an old rag that had been dragged through the bushes. They both gave each other a hug and as they did that they heard footsteps that startled them. They saw a tail and right at that moment they new they had to leave. They ran to the gate and climbed over it. They had done it or had they?

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