The School Mission

It was 3:00 pm, school had finished and the playground slowly emptied. Billy and George   sneakily crept out from behind  the Green shed, checking for lurking teachers. Earlier that day, they had already attempted this secret mission. Hastily, they sped across the school grounds and slipped through a crack in the old rusty fence. “Ouch!” Screamed George as he slipped in the squelching mud.”shh” Billy whispered as he rolled his eyes. They delved deeper into the frightening woods, but all of sudden they heard tiptoeing footsteps. Were they alone?

They shook it off and carried on, when out of nowhere they saw blood dripping from a shiny tip of an axe. Frantically, they sprinted for their lives, but they’d forgotten their way out. Scared and alone with no one to help, they wondered if they’d ever make it out.

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