The claw

steps creaked. doors had locks. And  cameras spyed in every corridor. But that didn’t stop  Jack. He knew it was here. He knew which floor it was on. And he knew how to get to it.

Wednesday12:30pm. As usual, jack was in bed. Unusually he had a torch with him. “Torch. Check. Smoke bombs. Check. Swords of agility, truth and healing?….. I’m coming for you.” He crept down the stairs watching the 4th step and set off.

Thursday 1am. Jack had to go through the forest of everlasting challenge.Only few went in and fewer went out  and even fewer went out alive. And they were grown men and he was a boy. being 1 am it’s quite dark and his torch was running low on battery. But he could see the facillity and he knew the entrance was round the back. Just as he was about to exit the forest something hit him square in the cheek  and hit him off his feet and onto his back.  He checked his cheek and felt a giant scar and blood. then he saw it. Arax . The soul stealer. Before he could process what he saw he ran and made Usane bolt look slow. As soon as he got home he slammed his palm against the red button and jumped into his bunker.

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