One dark , gloomy night DJ crept into a unknown room he felt presence of a mythical creature  is going to eat him. He saw picture of old people and he saw moving pictures which were talking and they were moving there eyes on the picture.

The house was talking and moving he was hearing strange voices which no one was in the house the house was moving like an earthquacke. The house started talking and the noise was coming from a secret locked room.DJ tried to get out of the house but he could not.

The bathtub was dancing and itemes was talking.Then everything in the house everything talking.There was a spider cobweb DJ was still as still as a stachue and fanted.After 2 hours DJwoke up.

DJ sound secret invisible door he tried to find the key everywhere then he found a chester door up in a dark cupbord.He then went to the invisible door and got out of the house it was raining cats and dogs outside he went home and slept THE END

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