The abandoned mill

Walking past the old flour mill, Joe heard a cherning noise from the second floor.Was there someone or something there?should I go in?joe thought to himself. Just then ,he went through the smashed window with confidence.until he was plunged in darkness.Trembling with fear joe had seen a box that illuminated the old machine room.what was it?stumbling in curiosity, joe was already late home from detention.but at this moment, he was so intrigued that he wanted to know what was in the illuminated he walked closer, joe had realised that there was a button on the box.suddenly as he tapped the button the ground trembled and the box openned. An old medieval sword floated of the table and hovered.all of a sudden, as he tried picking up the sword the ground shook again.all of a sudden, a giant scorpion pinched him And guarded the sword!Just then, joe was blocked by the scorpion, there was no escape!will I survive?joe said to that moment the giant scorpion grabbed the sword and threw it like a blade.he was pinned to the wall.the scorpions claws pointed at joe’s throat!would he survive…

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  1. Love this what a great paragraph I can really picture this

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