The 3 unique students

Janie stomped loudly into the school and said “Why am I here!”  Janie threw her  bag on the ground and started screaming at the top of her voice ” I hate school!”while kicking her bag across the classroom.

Peter opened the door quietly and whimpered “Sorry I’m late,”. He put his galactic bag carefully on the metal, rusty peg and dragged himself in embarrassment, to his dirty, navy seat.

Lara swung the polished, oak door and confidently strutted to the front of the class, clicking her fingers and sighed “Hello?” while raising one neat eyebrow.

2 Responses to “The 3 unique students”

  1. This is a great piece of writing with fantastic choice of vocabulary. I think that you should make the name a little bit better. I also like the idea that there was three people and normally people choose two. So I think that you did very well.

  2. This is absolutely amazing! Great vocabulary. Maybe next time add a little bit more sentences. Apart from that amazing keep up the great work!

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