The Car

Chapter 1: George can’t find the headteacher

George was just walking past the headteacher’s office and the didn’t see her. “Where is she?” George asked to himself. 5 minutes later, the headteacher appeared out of nowhere.

Chapter 2: The headteacher can’t find her car

George was confused. “Hello George. Er… come with me hehehe…,” she said. “I wanna show you something… my new car! But where is it?” “Ere,” George replied.”I mean here.” “Thanks,” the headteacher thanked.

Chapter 3: The car blows up

Then, the car blew up. Even though the car was gone, George could still feel the presence of it. George was shocked. 😮 George was deaf for approximately 10 minutes due to the sound of the explosion. “Why WHY WHY!” the  headteacher screamed. “It costed £9999999999!” “Don’t worry! I can fixed it I mean fix it,” George said politely. And he did.

Chapter 4: The headteacher finally shows George her car

Finally the new car was fixed. “Thank you!” the headteacher clapped. She showed George the whole car to him. “You deserve a reward!” the headteacher said.

😀The End😀

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