The Cocobull By Darci SH

Abigail approached the spine-chilling abandoned cottage. Her first step in there was a massive creak (CREAK). All of a sudden there was a roar (ROAR). Abigail ran to where the roar was. B-b-but absolutely nothing was there…

Something grabbed her by the neck as she was walking out of the old house. What could it be? She froze of frightness. Ever since that moment she hasn’t been found. One shivering evening, they found a dead body with no arm well, they atleast though that but it was found in a haunted house. Or was it a coma? Turns out it was a coma. She had been in it for three months. Two hours later, She had finally woken up, although she had this red tint in her eye. The doctors hired scientists to check out Abigails arm and see who bit her. it was apparently a Cocobull that’s a type of a two headed dragon. It started to buster. Abigail began to roar. It wasn’t usual but she hadn’t been seen again…

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