The Type Writer

On a pitch black night ,thunder growled over an abandoned , run down cottage in Eagle Eye Woods . The wind whistled through the long Victorian chimney.Ella felt a cold shiver crawl around her body . She stepped inside not knowing the consequences. Dust flooded the air almost choking her. There were stones and old bricks scattered all over the ground and clumsily Ella feel over one and landed on the floor face first.

Rats and mice scattered all over the place . A tingle traveled from her head to her toes, but still she dragged her self up and froze . Her heart skipped a beat.

Ella heard a type writer .She turned around and saw a skinny , small figure in the corner of the room with bulging blood red eyes and long , boney fingers reaching out to the letters on the type writer and made a hissing noise which made Ella jump out of her skin. She wanted to run but she could not move .

She got a grip and hurdled over all of the bricks and stones and swerved around the corner t9 the door .Ella wizzed out of the broken down door and ran for her life. Trees whipped  her face . She could still hear the hissing of the creature whispering  in her ears .In the Misty florist Ella couldn’t even see her own hand in front of her. Her breaths got more and more intense but she could still hear the old fashioned type writer and the horrific hissing .suddenly she dropped the dirty forest floor .




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