The deathly woods

Joe rushed down the stairs, running into the woods as something had scared him and made him almost pee his pants.When  he was in the woods, he had thought he had lost it but then a horn sound blew.Red eyes surrounded him with a very fierce look and in a serious way. So scared he thought he was dead until a wolf came.It scared off the intruders and licked him on the face. Joe didn’t know where it came from until he noticed a dangling silver collar. All of a sudden he realised he was in the deathly woods where all death happens. Dark oak surrounded him with all angles and grew 1 meter every week. Red eyes were everywhere watching his every move and deep howls echoed through the forest. Suddenly the trees all shifted position like as if it was a maze and the eyes disappeared. Joe knew he was in the most dangerous part of the woods the dead centre…

One Response to “The deathly woods”

  1. Well done I like how you added some humour in there and it’s really detailed!

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