The Demon Figure

Jim walk in the forest a baby crying in the distance so Jim went to have a look but no baby there Jim shivered as the sun went down there was a creepy humming in the trees Jim ran and fell over…

The next day Jim woke up in a small dusty room. Jim saw a small shadow. Jim was terrified. On a painting there were eyes watching every step Jim took… As Jim looked for a light to turn on bloody claws appeared under a chair. Jim ran fast.

When Jim made it outside, trees were calling him to go back home. When light came up, Jim found a little doll the doll was singing in Jim’s hand. Trees danced, twigs broke, leaves rustled. Jim ran into a grave yard  people were crying.

‘I want to go home!’ Jim cried.
‘No you are stuck with me!’ replied a mysterious voice.

Jim ran and ran until he found a safe place. ‘Is this a dream?’ Jim  whispered.

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