The forest

Slowly, John crept down the stairs to go to the forest. Later that night, he got a little sleepy so he got some rest. Luckily, he packed some equipment so he had a tent.

 Suddenly, he heard a magical noise it was the sound of a flying puppy and he looked up and to his surprise there was a flying puppy.

 The next day was fast and it was already 9pm when he woke up but the forest looked different it looked like it was haunted and he had to get out. 

All of a sudden, he heard something terrifying. It sounded like a clown with a chainsaw. He sprinted out of the forest but he wasn’t at home, to his surprise he was at a fair. The the killer clown chased him but then the clown disappeared. John tried to run out but there was a border not letting him go. He heard  the terrifying sound again and looked behind him. BANG!

Cautiously he went back to the tent and there it was, home sweet home. He had never felt so relieved to be at home. The haunted forest was not done yet because slender man was there. John ran and ran he was too slow, slender man teleported all other the place until he saw it.

The flying puppy was there and lifted him up to safety then BANG! BANG! BANG! Slender man was right behind them but it was to cute for him and he ran off. He went back to his tent and saw another magical beast the unicorn he road it and the unicorn went as fast as the wind. 

There he was the front door but there was a problem it was locked he didn’t have the keys he had to clime threw the window or find the keys and get into bed

But he heard the clown and slender again but they were never seen again. He hurried to find the keys and noticed they were in his pocket he bursted threw the door but mom was right there.

 “JOHN WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT SIDE”! John was to afraid to say anything “um I was attack by slender man and a killer clown”John remarked “I don’t believe that they don’t even exist” Shouted mom then John went back to bed ready for another crazy day tomorrow” wow why doesn’t mom believe me” he said to himself. 

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