The school by Ollie Sww

Sam ran to the door and didn’t stop until he got to his seat but then the teacher poked his head out and said ” are you late again Samey.”                                                                                                                                        Sam was nerves but slowly said “I I was a b bit late b because my m mum had to wash m my school cloths.”

Then Freed walked in the teacher smiled good morning. I was so confused how come he didn’t get in trouble? I walked in and took a seat next to Freed Then all of a sudden the teacher asked me if I did my home work. freed giggled.


One Response to “The school by Ollie Sww”

  1. I like your idea Ollie! We can clearly see the difference between the two characters! I also like how your first character questions himself, it makes the character relatable. There is a spelling mistake in your second sentence/paragraph where you have written nerves instead of nervous. A few grammar mistakes – don’t forget that speech needs a capital letter at the start and correct punctation at the end ie if it’s a question then we need a question mark! Excellent effort Ollie, keep going, you’re not far off from creating a well written and correct piece!

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