The Silhouette

One morning James had got up at 8AM like always and he had gone over to the window to see what it was like outside . It was bright and warm like always but he saw something unnerving . A black bulldog at the end of his garden . He recognised it at once as a death omen a warning like the grim reaper knocking at his door . He blinked and it was gone . He was frightened but would not let it stop him living his life .

He got dressed as normal then went down stairs and had breakfast he said “goodbye “ to his mum and stroked his puppy Spark one last time then departed for school . James was weary always keeping an eye out during the school day then after like always he played football in the park with his friends .

When he got home he saw his mum on the sofa watching tv he suspected Spark had just got back from a walk as she wore a thick coat of mud and his mum said “ did you hear the news their is a storm coming “!. James rushed toward the window and saw a great big group of dark clouds coming their way .

3 hours later and after a bath for Spark . James heard Spark barking in the loft while thunder was clapping outside every so often . When James reaches the top of the stairs of the attic he heard Spark  right next to him barking at the window then Bang ! There was a flash of lightning and saw the silhouette of a man a tall man with a knife but it was only sprint second and then Bang! He was gone . A shiver ran down James spine…

One Response to “The Silhouette”

  1. Miss P's year 5 class November 26, 2020 at 10:37 am

    Good use of suspenseful vocabulary, such as the word unnerving.
    Why is Spark barking? What does he see?
    Careful with your tenses! (reaches should be reached)

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