Thieves in the house

Lia and Bell were sleeping at their grandparents.  Suddenly Bell woke up and said “I will go down stairs to get a cup of water.”  But she heard a noise just before she stepped on the stair and as she was going down, she saw a shadow.  In the blink of an eye, she saw a slightly grey shadow.  Just as she saw that, Bell ran up stairs to wake up Lia.  “ Lia wake up,” she whispered, hoping that Lia would wake up.

All night the rain poured over the town. Lia woke up.  “Please , please come!” she shouted.   Lia slowly woke up from bed “What’s up?” said Lia.  “I saw a shadow!” Bell exclaimed. “Ok then,” agreed Lia.   So they both tiptoed down stairs.  As they stepped on to the floor they instantly felt a shiver. They stepped closer.

When they got in the kitchen there was nothing there, not a single thing. “It’s getting late ,” whispered Bell.  “Our parents are going to find out,” she examined. “Ok let’s go,” Lia said .  So the two of them went back to bed.  The next morning, on the news it said that there had been thieves around.  Bell and Lia looked at each other with eyes wide in shock.

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