Shadow of the Woods

In the small city of Spreak, it was a night of clapping thunder and pouring rain from up above. Andy was camping out in Ecstatic Forest, to the east of Spreak. He was comfortably sitting in his warm tent cooking an appetising soup filled with citrus fruits and berries.  He had also discovered a better way to collect water to drink. He’d construct a bowl or cup out of wood, paper or stone, and collect the rainwater in the bowl or cup. Andy was doing that very activity when he saw something move in the distance. “Nah, probably just a leaf,” Andy’s mind exclaimed., and continued eating his soup  and collecting rain water. He turned around to put the empty soup pot in the tent, but that “thing” he thought was a leaf edged closer. That’s when Andy realised that something was lurking in the distance about one hundred meters or so away.

Andy did a 360° turn again, and the figure got even closer! This wasn’t going to end well- he had to run! Andy sprinted as fast as he could towards Spreak, but unfortunately there was a large stone in the way so he had no choice but to run to Wallson Town which was another nearby town. Andy attempted to find a nearby citizen, but because it was dark everybody was asleep in their comfy beds at home. Andy could clearly see the strange figure now- it had crimson feet with copper toenails,  ruby skin as thick as a book, and three multicoloured eyes that were slowly orbiting around a green nose. It roared with all its might, and woke up the local residents in a flash. Now the monster was charging a a colossal beam that was gradually becoming larger and larger, and Andy braced himself for the dangers he was about to face. The beam was fully charged… “THREE, TWO, ONE, BOOM-“


3 Responses to “Shadow of the Woods”

  1. I love your vocabulary I did not get the suspense feeling though but very good

  2. Rachel and Vivian November 26, 2020 at 10:42 am

    1.I really like the adjectives!
    2. Is spreak a real place?
    3.Check spelling!

  3. Aniso and Katie Y5 SFD November 26, 2020 at 10:43 am

    Wow , good piece of work!
    Me and Katie loved reading yours!
    Good use of punctuation and description!

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