The Unknown

“Let’s go-now¡” Screamed Leaf as they ran from the burning, smoking house.They finally found somewhere to stay it wasn’t bad nor good it was an abandoned cow pin. Leaf and Butter hid in one of the dusty, dirty, decaying pin they heard the loud screams from people burning. They waited Leaf and Butter both were sad, lonely and missed there parents. They had to sleep on the cold, damp floor. At that moment, they heard a loud bang they both went to look but then they saw something they thought they would never had amber eyes that looked like fireflies and a body so skinny it could fit into small crevices. It had fingers like bones and skin like rubber you could smell it’s damp hair and feel a tingling sensation go down your spine like is were trying to tell you something like you are in dagger. They pushed through and ran for their life. “Quick¡”  shouted Butter, “Over here!” They waited until it was safe..finally it was safe they ran back to the pin and there was no sight of the mysterious thing….

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