The story of Ben and Sofia

It was 10 in the morning in Berlin on the unluckiest day of all, but 2 children make it far better by being unlucky.“Right, now everyone find your self a partner to work with and wait for further instructions!” Shouted Professor Schwarz. Everyone bolted for their best friends. But of course there is always 1. In the middle of the room was a rude, arrogant boy alone, no-one to go to. “Has anyone not got a partner? Oh yes, you.” He turned his head to look at the boy. “ Ben, you can go and work with Alicia and Aurora. B”

“Ok…” Ben walked over to the pair of girls at the front of the room, just as a short girl burst into the classroom saying: “ Sorry I’m late, my car would not start.”
“Ah, Sofia, you can work with Ben.” Sofia sighed and trotted over to the empty desk. Ben followed her. Sofia got her white lab coat on and out the goggles on. Ben glared at her. “Right now pick your instructions up from my desk and begin!”
“You go get it!” Demanded Ben.
“No.” Sofia always stuck by her words. Ben sighed and walked over to the desk. Sofia watched him, she felt sorry for him. ‘Have I made him upset?’ She thought. As Ben was walking back, she said: “ Sorry, I can sometimes get a bit demanding.”
“It’s ok,” Ben replied.
“So you wanna be friends?” Sofia asked.
From that day on, Sofia and Ben were known as the best scientists today.

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