The Strangest Dream

Sophia fell asleep, a deep sleep. Her dream was surprisingly strange, I will tell you what happened in her dream.

A green sky, a red blood thirsty moon glistening on the murky river. The murky river was telling Sophia to keep going, Sophia didn’t want to , but she did anyway.

As Sophia went deeper and deeper in the forest, a misty fog started to lift a turn into a figure . The figure said ” You’re in my control now!”

With a click, the figure was gone. Sophia screamed in pain, her head was hurting But all of a sudden for a split second the fear on her face was gone and her head had stopped hurting.

The trees swooped her up. She didn’t know what it was, but it was certainly creepy. Sophia tried to gasp for air but she turned into a figure…

Sophia woke in shock. She went out for a snack but saw the graveyard that was in her dream. She asked her self. What this a dream?

She felt the ground starting to shake, it felt like an earthquake. Green,tall and scary people started to dig them selves out of the ground. Sophia ran in her room and she turned into a white fog disappearing into the darkness…

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