A Rucksack of Mystery Items

A Rucksack of Mystery Items


Three stainless steel daggers which have leather handles that can pop out, like a pocket knife, for slaying dragons and fighting off enemies plundered from Roman warriors.

A magic carpet, engraved in gold from The Cave of Wonders, to quickly escape perilous situations.

A golden compass from an ancient traveller in ÉLSpain, to help direct the user to a hidden amethyst watch that contains three wishes for time travelling.

A bottle of healing tonic – small, but powerful – distilled from the tears of a dragon, enough for 3 doses.

A magic map which can be activated by pointing anywhere onto it and the map will take you to that destination.

A single piece of bread, from the Egyptian times, that fills all of your hunger.

A drone to search the sky with heat and night vision, stolen from a German spy.

A walkie-talkie to communicate with my partner in case we get hit by sky dragons.

An anodised pearl of secrets that, when you rub it, gets you what your heart most desires.

The infinity gauntlet but it doesn’t destroy humanity it destroys goblins and dragons.

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