9 Things I Would Take on a Skyship Adventure – Charlie EPPSA H

I would take an accurate, lightweight bow and arrow to take down any flying beasts that try to attack the Skyship.

I would take a compact, portable stove in case we are stranded on a mountain and need to heat water to make a hot drink to keep us warm during the endless night.

I would take a thick, warm coat made from a special fabric to keep in heat which stops me getting cold in the higher atmosphere.

I would take a water bottle with a magic pebble in the bottom which has an infinite water supply, so it will never run out when I need it the most.

I would take a strong, reliable parachute which would save me if I fell from the Skyship.

I would take a mysterious map drawn by a famous old explorer which shows the dangerous places wherever you are in the world.

I would take a night-vision telescope that allows me to see in the dark so I can spot all the dangerous beasts in the forests below.

I would take a high energy bar full of goodness to give me energy throughout the long days and nights on my Skyship adventure.

I would take a White Wizard’s staff that could summon a bright light to show the way in the night sky.

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