The Fairytale Pegasus

The Fairytale Pegasus

The Fairytale Pegasus comes purely from imagination,therefore it has rarely been spotted.Some people said they’ve spotted it prancing in the pages of books. On rare occasions, somebody will see one of these pegasi running in the background.


They generally have a smooth fur coat that goes in a gradient with pastels. The mane and tail is a creamy colour,curled just like Sleeping Beauty’s hair and the horn is just like Maleficent’s. The powers they have is to go into dreams,nightmares,movies & books and to shapeshift.In reality the only power they have is to go back into a figment of imagination.A very rare percentage (2%) are born with blue or green eyes and the majority are born with light yellow eyes. 


They dwell in the pages of Cinderella,Snow White or Maleficent. Though with the fear of humans they don’t want to go to Earth very much. However, if they had to choose somewhere on Earth the place would be Oshui Runi Field located in Unio Py. They always make their nests inside the leafs of an apple tree.


Fairytale Pegasi feed off of emotions. When somebody feels an emotion the pegasus is satisfied, but it doesn’t stop the emotion from happening. They are allergic to peanuts and salt and dislike negative emotions but can still feed off of any emotion minus boredom/hunger. They can live for exactly 23 months without food.  



The way this rare animal acts is extremely unexpected! It enjoys hunting and is immensely scared of humans,or dark riders. They enjoy galloping around fields or meeting up with a close friend. Much like the Rainbow Unicorn, they are friends with many different types of creatures and are very open with people they trust. Once these animals trust you they will try to stay with you up until the last possible moment. They are trustworthy and friendly. However, if you approach one do not fright as they are more scared of you then you could ever be.


Rumour has it that they can grant you three wishes but there are three rules…”You can’t wish for death,more wishes or somebody to fall in love.” The reason they show up in dreams or nightmares is usually to warn a human about something,so if you notice one in a dream or nightmare be extremely on guard.For now help us make sure that these wonderful pegasi stay in our life.

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