6 things found in a sky ship explorer rucksack 

 I would take a beautiful Bengal cat which can predict the future, for company and so that I can change what will happen, 

A blue china plate, which magically gives me whatever food I am thinking about, 

teleporting ball to travel to places quickly, or to flee from danger, 

Two large books, one titled ‘My Sky Trip Adventure’, the other’ Brilliant ways to defeat or flee from Dangerous animals’, 

A camouflage cloak, the colour of tropical sand, made from the finest leather to hide from unwanted beasties, 

And a pair of pure steel wings, to soar in the sky leaving the world behind. 

One Response to “6 things found in a sky ship explorer rucksack ”

  1. You have described some useful objects for your adventure and I am particularly attracted to your idea of a camouflaged cloak, well done.

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