The Adventure of the Fireball

The Adventure Of The Fireball




“Arghh,” yelled Timmy, who woke up scared in a big, unfamiliar room. A room he had never been in before. He could hear a rumbling engine of some sort. He made his way uncertainly up some stairs to an outside platform. He realised he was on a huge skyship. The name painted on the side was ‘The Fireball’. He saw there were other people on the skyship. There was a little boy who looked absolutely terrified and a man who I guessed was the captain. He had curly, white hair and he looked unfriendly. Timmy did not want to be seen so he went back downstairs to his room and saw a little girl was in there. They were both shocked.


“Where am I?” the girl asked.


“On a skyship called the Fireball,” Timmy replied, “I don’t know anybody because I‘ve just got here. Have you just got here?”


“Yes. What’s your name? Mine’s Jessica.” The girl who spoke was pretty and young. She had blonde hair like Timmy.


“Mine’s Timmy. What is the last thing you remember Jessica?”


Bang! Crash! Boom!


“What was that noise?” squealed Timmy.


At that very moment, someone ran down the stairs shouting, “Get up here. We’re getting attacked by blue ice-water dragons! Timmy! Get the items from your magical backpack!”


“How do you know my name?” Timmy squeaked.


“It’s on your backpack. Now, quick we need to land urgently!” the man beckoned.


Timmy felt very frightened and as he went up the stairs, he could see the decks had turned to ice because of the dragon’s icy breath. This made the skyship extremely heavy and it dropped towards the ground. Then, the unfriendly looking captain managed to get control of the ship but on his way down scraped the skyship on some jagged trees. The ship eventually came to land on the edge of a plain full of tall grass.





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  1. Incredible and so intriguing! I can really feel the emotions of the characters.

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