A sky unicorn by Olivia

A skycorn-

This is a strange creature has been spotted in a little town called Chorley. It has been called a skycorn. Its really name is sky unicorn. This is because it has a blue body and clouds for wings. They have been on earth for 24 days and scientists are trying to find out why they are coming down to earth….


Sky unicorn have been known foe their big fluffy wings. Their wings are made out of clouds. This is were they get their name sky unicorn because they live above the sky and in the clouds. They have a sparkling witch is in the shape of a crystal, hooves what shine like the midnight sky. They also have a light blue Body ( what blends in with the sky.) they sky unicorn have the most sparkling eyes. 


They have been spotted in a little town called Chorley they have most been seen running around in swimming baths. This is because they can blende in with the water when people are coming in to check on. They pools. Sky unicorns do live in the clouds but they comes to the earth most of the Time. They are not as nice as they sound. They have hurt more than 20 people what have gone near it and tried to hurt or touch it.


This very weird unicorn has been spotted eating: their own wings ( this is because their wings are clouds,) rainbows, rain, hailstones and snow. They some times eat the stars! Sky unicorn have many different diets. They eat some things on the streets and all over the world. 

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