Airship Adventure

You’ve probably been on an airship where the clouds are like candyfloss with the wind blowing gently in your face like jumping into a swimming pool. 

 Remember how it feels to pack your suitcase impatiently as the dogs bark madly at you waiting for the big day to come as well as climbing on to the airship as it vibrates just above the ground.  

 I bet you’ve enjoyed looking forward to landing in a tropical paradise with fabulous flowers everywhere you go and the sun smiling down on your tanned face like a lightbulb that’s been on for too long.   

 But you should also try an airship ride where the lightning strikes as loud as a brass whistle. When the wood creaks below your feet and the rigging slowly breaks apart. That’s when an airship ride is not so much fun… 

 And some say they’ve seen cloud goblins lurking beneath the airships floor waiting to attack. You probably won’t believe this but some say that there are daring dragons with teeth that can rip apart even the strongest metals. 

Lorna lunged forward gripping with all might to the rigging as the airship spun around like a Ferris wheel. She glanced over at her brother Tom who surprisingly seemed to be enjoying the unexpected ride. Lorna and Tom had left their home in Cornwall a couple of days ago but had been thrown off track and were now heading for the MIDNIGHT FOREST! 

 At that moment, the engine spluttered and the Thunder Goblins struck!   Lorna knew at once what it was. “RUN! RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!” she yelled panic-stricken. The goblins were not in the least scared of Lorna’s loud reaction. I don’t think it was meant to scare them anyway. The Goblins wasted no time at all. At once they began shooting what looked like fireworks at both children and without any weapon, Tom grabbed his super soaker and as you would have guessed he soon put out the flames.  

 At last, the children felt the fight was over. “Well, I didn’t expect in a million dreams that we, two ordinary children, would be attacked by flying Goblins or whatever they were,” Tom said finding it (as you would imagine) hard to believe.   

“What if they come back? What if they’re lurking behind a cloud?” Lorna was just about to say something else when Tom interrupted her. 

“Stop worrying, Lorna, we scared them off all right.” And with that they carried on with their what seemed like their never-ending journey. 

 In an instant, Tom found himself racing for the steering wheel to try and land. Lorna, on the other hand, did not want to. “The Midnight Forest is terrifying even from above, please don’t make us land Tom.”         

“Sorry Lorna but we have no choice, the ship’s nearly in pieces already and we’ve only been gone for a week now.”  

The ship’s sail was pulled down and Tom went to the steering wheel. As the oldest at nearly 12, it was his responsibility to keep himself and his sister safe. They landed, mercifully, without any injuries except a couple of scrapes and began to find wood for a fire to keep them warm overnight. 

“Night Tom,” were Lorna’s last words before they were both asleep. 

5 Responses to “Airship Adventure”

  1. What an exciting adventure you have started, I can’t wait to read what happens next! I really like your introduction as well, it set the scene and made me want to read on…

  2. I love it Ava so good

  3. i love your first bit of this story can wait till your next one

  4. I love your ideas well done Ava!

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