You’ve probably been on an airship, when the steely flare of sun on the horizon shines down brightly, comforting the mind of the ship. Remember how the feel of the breeze, cleanses your skin over the Fiji’s water. The sound like sweet harmony as the glare of the wind pushes as it catches the sails, making it feel like you’re on top of the Earth watching down. I bet you’ve always wanted to have your honeymoon, in a place like the Bahamas, where you and your family and friends will love the majestic seas lapping gently against the shore.


But you should try coming when we travel to Vostok Nation, when the tempest of the breeze takes away the shining of the sun, for that is a matter you will remember. When the hail drops what feels like ice cubes, during the breaking of glacier for the first time, alarming the ship’s sail; when it clings for all its breath and the engine begins to get slower; that’s when an airship ride become exhilarating battle for survival.


And some say they’ve seen corrupt sky  fairies spying in the depths of the skies, wasting time clutching on weightless clouds forming and creating cirrostratus masterpieces. You probably won’t believe this, but some say there are flying beasts with talons, a tail which curls like a dove, claws rigged like a rusted fork and wings shot as fast as a bullet.


Nevaeh, inhaling for air, clenched her hand on the ropes. They began to pale. She gasped as the cirrostratus gulped the airship in. She glared at her brother Enzo whose expression suggested he liked it as the airship was falling. In good spirits, they had left the Bahamas behind two weeks ago but the perilous storm had blown them off-track from the highlands.


Only now, the sky dragon blitzed it. Bang! Enzo saw one of them burst out of the cloud and fire burned the back of Boomstar. Chef O’ Morgan tugged the tiller, just avoiding a life-threatening choice of disaster. In that minute, the dragon vanished as Chef O’ Morgan directed the Boomstar to the Underlife to hide. The storm started to pelt with rain. At the back of the boat was a splintering sound. Nevaeh glanced at Enzo who shot a look back at Neveah. They went and looked at the stern of the Boomstar but nothing showed. The Underlife was just aqua. “Stay close! We’re going up!” Chef O’Morgan howled into the microphone.


A few moments later, the Boomstar flew upon the clouds as air came through and the back of the boat stopped cracking. They drifted up. Nevaeh and Enzo looked down, peering to find the dragon. “Did we evade them? Where are they?”





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